Australian Hindu Super Australian Hindu Super provides a range of investment optons to suit the requirements of investors with a preference for Hindu investments that contribute to the beterment of society, both locally and globally.

Service Features

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No minimum balance

You can open an account with no initial contribution. As you start out, you can still enjoy the full range of member benefits Australian Islamic Super has to offer. You can then make automatic additional contributions over time.

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Consolidate your super

To make the most of your Super, we will help you track down and aggregate all your other Super accounts from past employers, so you get the benefits of one consolidated account and save on fees.

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Online portfolio access

Your investment holdings will be available online, through a dedicated client portal. You will be able to view your current portfolio, recent reports, investment valuations, and other account related details via a secure login.

You will also receive an Annual Statement through the post and via your online portal.

Investment Features

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Ethically focused

Your super will be invested in a manner consistent with the principles of ethical investing. Australian Islamic Super’s investment strategy prohibits exposure to sectors of the market deemed unethical, and favours investments that have a net positive benefit to the community.

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Simple choices

Leave the investment decisions to us, or select your own investment mix – the choice is yours.

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Diversified portfolio

Australian Islamic Super provides a range of investment options to shape your portfolio according to your attitude to risk and life stage.

By spreading your money across a number of different investments, you get the benefits of diversification, whilst having a wider set of opportunities to generate attractive long-term returns.

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Professional management

First Guardian’s Super investment team has decades of experience managing ethical portfolios, and a strong history of adding value for clients. We apply an all-weather investment process, designed to adapt to any phase of the investment cycle.

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