Australian Hindu Super Australian Hindu Super provides a range of investment optons to suit the requirements of investors with a preference for Hindu investments that contribute to the beterment of society, both locally and globally.

Our Ethical Investment approach

Australian Islamic Super's innovative investment process rewards investments that:

Support the community
(local and global)

- Encourage locally based business
- Focus on education
- Advance health and prosperity
- Work to overcome poverty

Support innovation and advancement

- Life sciences research and development
- Green or renewable technologies
- Efficient and sustainable technologies

Support the environment

- Contribute to preserving eco-system
- Minimise pollution and waste
- Energy efficient and building practices
- Recycling

Australian Islamic Super seeks investment that support:

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Innovative Technology

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Renewable Energy

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Life science

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Sustainable Development

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We will avoid investing in businesses that:

Damage the environment

- Destruction or waste of resources
- Environment degradation
- Pollution and Non-renewable energy

Lead to harm or suffering

- Activities that harm humans or animals
- Sell products that may lead to addiction
- Involved in military or defense related fields
- Exploitive or predatory financial practice

Treat people unfairly

- Exploitation through low wages
- Provision of poor working conditions
- Discrimination
- Misleading or deceitful marketing

Australian Islamic Super avoids investment that support:

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Militart Equipment

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Alcohol and Tabacco

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Fossil Fuels

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Exploitative Practices

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